Tanzlicht K enriches your event with the magic of fire shows, light shows and dance performances – embodying the art of movement and dance, light and fire. “Tanzlicht” is German for “dancing light” and “K” stands for Keiko Schmitt, the creator of this project.

"Design, music and the art of movement play important roles in my life. The beauty and potential of creative expression have always fascinated me and I have respec­ted high quality art work. I have had the privilege to start playing instru­ments, dancing and painting at an early age. Following up on this passion for creativity, I later studied graphic design and undertook intensive training in several forms of dance. I feel blessed that today I am able to make a living as a freelance designer and artist. I especially enjoy sharing these interests with others."

Besides training in classical ballet, contemporary and other dance techniques, Keiko Schmitt soon discovered her interest for dancing with fire in 2007. First shows with different well-known fire dancers followed soon after that. Meanwhile, Tanzlicht K offers a diverse selection of choreographed shows and technically challenging tools to choose from, such as poi, hand (palm) torches, fire fans, fire ropes, hula hoop and levistick.

The shows vary from Tanzlicht K solo performances to co-productions with other fire artists and dancers. Continuous training in fire artistry and dance and the constant developing of new choreographies and shows keep Tanzlicht K performances alive and dynamic.